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Films in Development

Explore our intriguing film currently in development, poised to deliver fresh perspectives and innovative storytelling.
A couple navigates the emotional complexities of parenting a child with special needs, challenging their beliefs and societal norms while discovering the transformative power of acceptance.
Amidst the ruins of his family’s tragedy, a vengeful survivor of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots returns home, driven by a thirst for justice, but finds himself grappling with the elusive nature of healing and forgiveness.
A couple’s love story transforms from Bollywood fantasy to real-life resilience as they confront the challenges of marriage and parenthood, finding unexpected solace and strength in the very Bollywood narratives they once idolized.
A renowned fashion photographer receives a black frame and is forced to go through an inexplicably horrifying journey to find out that the past always comes back to seek its revenge.